Our six oldest kids started college by the age of twelve! The younger four children are being homeschooled using the same accelerated method.

Pictured above:

TOP LEFT TO RIGHT:Hannah (25) was Auburn University Montgomery's youngest graduate at the age of 17 with a BS in Mathematics. Heath (17) set a new record when he graduated with a BA in English from Huntingdon College at the age of 15. He has an MS in Computer Science. Seth (12) is a sophomore and history major at Huntingdon College.  Rosannah completed a 5 year architecture program at California College of the Arts at the age of 18.

BOTTOM LEFT TO RIGHT: Keith (14) is a senior at Faulkner University and studying history. Katrinnah (10) is preparing for the ACT and working on high school. Mariannah is a bright little homeschooler at the age of 8. Mona Lisa is holding Thunder (3). Kip is the hardworking Daddy. Lorennah is 5 and as sweet as the tea down here in the South. Serennah (22) is most likely the youngest female doctor in the U.S. Please, CONTACT US for a phone consultation. We would love to HELP YOU accelerate YOUR HOMESCHOOLING!


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The Brainy Bunch: The Harding Family’s Method to College
by Age Twelve (Gallery 2014)


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